Oz Aqua Transfer Dipping of Almont, MI

What is Aqua Transfer Dipping? What Is Hydrographics?

If you are in the Almont, Michigan vicinity and looking for a cost effective and modern design solution, stop by Oz Aqua Transfer. Aqua transfer dipping, also known as hydrographic or camo dipping, is a fun and modern way to add flair and value to your products. The hydrographic process transfers a pattern or image onto any hard surface that can be painted and safely submerged in water.

Why is Aqua Transfer Dipping better than other design techniques?

We have all had those manufactured products that eventually peel off or fade away in color. With aqua transfer dipping ( a.k.a. hydrographics), this is not something you have to worry about. Not only does camo dipping completely change the perception of your product and its value, but the coating is resistant to solvents, UV light, sea water and extreme temperatures.

How Oz Aqua Transfer does it better

Oz Aqua Transfer can dip items as small as sunglasses all the way to items as large as a refrigerator. With a hydrographic dip kit of 5’x9’ in size, there is not an item we can't transform. Plus, we have an enormous variety of designs you can choose from. Oz Aqua Transfer techs are licensed applicators excited to serve Almont, Michigan and local communities by offering them top of line service and unique designs. Give us a call now and let’s transform your product!

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